Intuitive Free SEO Audit Tool

What Is A Free SEO Audit Tool?

A free SEO Audit from our automated software shows how a website is optimised for a core set of important ranking factors, in other words, what is its optimisation score in the eyes of search engines like Google. With our free SEO audit tool, you can see how your website performs for a number of high priority SEO tasks and we also give you a checklist for you or your team to follow to improve your site.

A Free SEO Audit Tool Report With More

Have you been looking for a free SEO checker tool that gives you much more than just your SEO Score? Here's our free SEO checker tool checklist! These are just a few sure-fire fixes that can make your site's score go up. Once you've somehow managed to "fix" some of your site's imperfections, check it again with this free SEO audit tool and see how far up it has climbed the ranking ladder.


Probably, the most important factor that you need to address is site speed. Imagine your readers having to wait for your site to load. This is one case where “slow and steady” DOES NOT win the race!


Title Tags (or title elements) actually define the title of a web page. It is meant to be a really short but accurate description of what's in the content of a page. So if you want to give your readers a precise overview of what to expect, make your Title Tag really direct to the point.


Don't disregard the meta description because this will give your would-be readers an idea of what they are about to see once your webpage loads. You will then avoid the perennial low bounce rate which happens when a person closes the browser because of disengagement or dissatisfaction.


Heading Tags or Headlines are very important for a web page. Not only will search engines look at the headlines but your readers and visitors will also find it useful to read a very compelling and catchy headline. They will instantly think that what they are looking for is in that web page.


We are now truly dependent on social media to help us get heard and seen. Therefore, we cannot deny it, our business should have a social presence in not just one platform but to all the widely used ones. Having social sharing buttons is not enough. You have to make sure your social media accounts are active. So it's not just having a social presence but you have to create some "informative noise" to be seen and heard.

Checklist Complete

Once you’ve made a few adjustments, have another go with our free SEO audit tools. It’s so easy, just input your webpage’s URL in this SEO site evaluator and click Scan Now. Once the results are in, check the list and then take advantage of Digital Search Group’s SEO Packages for a truly personalised SEO treatment.

See how effective a Free SEO Audit is for your website? But if you’re convinced that there is more that can be done to improve your ranking, get a detailed and manual audit from Digital Search Group. Visit us today by clicking on