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Do you want your site to be seen only in the United Kingdom? Why not go global and been see halfway around the WORLD? It’s all in the approach, actually. International SEO is a specialised SEO service wherein we use different methods to capture website traffic in different foreign markets which your business is targeting. If we optimise your site for the UK market, this is no guarantee that you will be successful or even seen in other countries.

Important things to consider when providing International SEO services are:

  • International Copywriting and Translation:
    Non-English speaking searchers prefer to use their own language. But Google Translate is not enough, in fact, it is not an option. So in order to target a country successfully, your websites must have a webpage version in that specific language. Our International SEO experts can help you “localise” your website to these multilingual sites.
  • Link Acquisition:
    When we do International SEO campaign, we focus on building quality links from notable niche-related and location-specific sources. We include research into promising link acquisition targets and outreach campaigns.
  • Geo Targeting:
    One of our international SEO services is geo targeting. Geo targeting allows advertisers to display their ads based on the geographic area of the viewers. It also makes sure that the ads are local, meaning they can be found within reach and that it is in the reader’s language. We will deliver different content to a searcher based on his/her geographic location.

International SEO services

Multi-Lingual SEO Services to Reach the World

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See your website in different languages! This truly defines the word “global”! With the digital marketing team at Digital Search Group, whatever your business may be, we will give you a well-managed international SEO campaign with your optimised global websites to increase your visibility in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). We will help our clients expand internationally to find and reach their global markets. This is done by optimising your online presence by adopting Multi-regional and Multilingual SEO campaigns. Our native-speaking teams are specialists in multilingual SEO and international SEO marketing.

It is innovative! It is effective! It is global! Talk to a Digital Search Group expert today!

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