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How Do Our Blogger Outreach Services Differ?

Our blogger outreach agency has a growing team packed with creative minds. These minds have been able to break the mold when comparing to your typical 'link builder' approach to blogger outreach services and are actually bringing REAL sites to the table and REAL authority! Our creative team are at hand to help your brand craft highly engaging content assets that are catchy, timely and highly shareable - our blogger outreach agency may not be the same without our creative team.

A Real Blogger Outreach Service

Armed with our PDF guides, infographics, long-form evergreen posts and high res images we reach out to bloggers, authors, and journalists to open the lines of communication and the complements commence. The content created for your brand is then hand picked by these respected authors and shared on their authoritative and relevant website - this is different to the traditional "guest post service". In achieving this, we ensure your brand not only enjoys massive exposure to potential clients, but also increased reputation, authority, credibility and last but not least, an increase in your rankings and traffic. Blogger Outreach agency

Selecting Authoritative Blogger Outreach Publishers

Search engines, particularly Google, have been cracking down on spammy low-end link building tactics (websites that are built just for the purpose of link-building) for many years and this isn’t going to slow down any time soon (just review some of Matt Cutts, previously Head of Google’s Webspam team, Youtube videos for webmasters). If you’re basing your current content marketing strategy on any of the following, I suggest you rethink your strategy:

  • In-House Link Networks (owned internally & usually link to their clients & their own websites)
  • Highly Risky Blog Networks (Google has been killing these since April 2012)
  • Low-End Web Directories (crushed by Google as they add zero value to the web)
  • Low-End Social Bookmarking Tactics (once again, crushed by Google a long time back)
  • Blog Commenting (via low-end & free for all sites)
  • Article Submission (with spun content that Google hates)
  • Plagiarised Content (zero value for Googlebot to crawl thus penalised by Google Panda)
  • Poor On-Page Technical Updates (meaning the very foundations are left out from the get go)
  • The list goes on…..

Our blogger outreach service continues to pass value to your website (via mentions & links back to you) because:

High Quality Blogger Outreach Vs Low Quality

  • Is the domain indexed (this is level 1!)?
  • Has the traffic of the website been maintained post-Google updates (you can check this by using tools such as SEMrush)?
  • Does the site/blog have an authentic author?
  • Is the design/user experience of the site of a high quality?
  • Is the domain/website contextually relevant?
  • Where is the domain hosted and what is the top level domain (TLD)?
  • What is the number of referring domains in Majestic SEO?
  • What is the TrustRank in Majestic SEO?
  • What is the Moz Domain Authority?
  • How many established links via Moz Open Site Explorer?
  • Is the domain hosted on a unique C-Class IP address?
  • Are the links in the page the same colour as the body of the content (hidden links)?
  • How many outbound links are there on the page you will be published?
  • Does the website have too many ads above the fold (such as ClickBank & Google Adsense)?
  • Does the publishing site have good social integration?

Below are a Couple of Illustrations to Show the Difference Between Low Quality & Our Quality:

Blogger Outreach Strategy Illustration


Why Choose Our Blogger Outreach Service Above The Rest?

As you can see from our quality control process, we aren’t begging for our content to be published. We focus our efforts on link building quality over quantity and work on extremely tight margins, unlike some of our competition who are still selling Indian networks. With us, you can be confident in knowing that our experienced in-house team are very picky when searching for blogger outreach publishers because we want to 1/. Protect our clients from Google penalties AND 2/. Be rewarded with high traffic and visibility due to the hard work and effort.

Engage Your Market With Our Content Marketing Service

Our internal processes ensure we take every opportunity to tailor make content that caters to the needs of your audience at every stage of the relationship cycle. Armed with your events calender and an array of ‘listening’ technologies, we are able to understand your market and finely tune your events with timely online trending.

Creative Blogger Outreach Services With A Global Reach

Digital Search Group has a team of international strategists and content outreach developers, implementing a delivery system to give business efficiency and productivity gains to our clients. To be able to put a finger on the pulse of your market, network sharing ideas come spontaneously by leveraging tailored technologies, which pool globally innovative, perceptive, and holistic resources. Having these to hand allow a streamlined creation and deployment for your seasonal/cyclical market trends.

If you would like to hear more about how our dedicated content marketing services team could help grow your brand, please contact us and we’ll happily provide you with an introduction to our services.

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